An Organic Mattress? Yes Sir!

Have you ever heard of such a thing? Organic mattresses? Nowadays, it seems that everything is organic!

But, if we look closer, the benefits of organic mattresses are real. Let’s dig in.

What is an organic mattress, first of all? For a product to be considered organic, all the products used to make it must be organic. They are better for the environment, are more ecological, and natural. A 100% organic mattress would be one made of organic materials – without pesticides, or other harmful additives or substances used, even during the growing process.

Most mattresses these days are made with materials that affect the warming of the earth – polyethylene, glycol, nylon, and polyurethane. The US government has warned that some of these substances could affect pregnant women and small children. California is the only state that has officially banned many of these substances.

However, organic mattresses are normally made with latex, a whitish liquid produced from the sap of the Hevea brasiliensis tree. Apart from not having toxic substances or gases, latex mattresses offer another advantage – they stay cleaner from dusts and mites and can be much better for people with allergies.

They are also more breathable, which helps make them more comfortable in the hot summer and cold winter. They adapt better to the body because they are naturally flexible.

Look for coverings that are made of wool or organic cotton. Wool can help work as a natural flame retardant.

It’s always a good idea to go to a professional that can help you choose the right organic mattress for you. There are lots of options and lots of different price ranges, so if you want the best experience for your money, as someone who knows organic mattresses and can help you find just what you’re looking for.